Project to Date


The entire structure of the church is complete. The copper dome sits proudly atop the romanesque superstructure. The patina natural of the copper has already begun to develop a rich brown which will transition to a classic gentle green in time. The tremendous undertaking of cladding the building in local Moss rock is well underway. Parishioners have donated stone from farms and local stonemason John Glover (who also worked on the Bindoon church) is working his way up and around the building.


The plasterboard cladding of the interior is practically complete. Extensive electrical and lighting works have been completed by parishioner Justin Donnelly. The beauty of the space and the inspiring proportions of the dome already uplift and inspire.
There is however much finishing to be done. The adornment of this building by means of paint, plaster mouldings and cornices, timber cladding, tiling are important to protect the work already done and to highlight the beauty of the structure and to provide the decorum appropriate to a house of God.