Friends of Divine Mercy

As a result of the generous donations made by so many kind souls, the magnificent structure of The Divine Mercy Church is nearing completion. The next equally important stage is the interior adornment, already underway. In order to permit the Church to be opened for the public and for the celebration of the liturgy we are seeking approximately $350,000 to complete the essential items such as the sanctuary, doors, tiling, painting etc From there, further funds will be sought to gradually complete the remaining areas of the Church.

Together we can continue to unite and bring to fruition a profound vision for Western Australia in honour of Divine Mercy.

In the world of today, it is more necessary than ever to spread this message of God’s merciful love. Becoming a Friend of Divine Mercy will inspire you to deepen your faith and allow God’s unfathomable mercy to gently transform your life and the lives of those around you, through sharing this message by word, deed and prayer.


 If you would like to support the Divine Mercy Church in Chittering and help live and spread the message of Divine Mercy, why not join “Friends of Divine Mercy”? 


Friends of Divine Mercy will have their names included on a special scroll which will be blessed and installed beneath the Altar of the Divine Mercy Church during the Dedication Mass. 

Membership entitles you to a quarterly Newsletter containing inspiring articles about Divine Mercy and all the latest developments and events occurring at the church. Your intentions will also be remembered each day in the 3 o’clock prayers at the Church. 

FRIEND OF DIVINE MERCY - Annual Subscription Donation Form